This Toolkit is designed to help public engagement practitioners in statutory and other organisations to engage effectively so that the public have a good quality, co-ordinated and interesting experience.

This will improve public confidence in the process and encourage more involvement in what we do. It will also maximise the value of public engagement activities for statutory bodies and other organisations.

The Toolkit is structured so that you can ‘plug in’ the aims of the activity at the beginning and it will lead you through steps you need to do to achieve them. It contains basic advice and simple tools to enable you to engage effectively.

Why Engage?

What is Public Engagement?


Things to consider, helpful hints on who to consult, what to remember when developing your approach, methods of engaging. Learn more


Telling people about your consultation and what to do with the information you collect. Learn more

Follow up

Feedback, making good use of the information you collect, informing your consultees on what happened. Learn more